Friday, May 22, 2009

The New Optical Illusions

The girl resting on top of the world.Yeah you feel like the girl is resting on top of that alphabet when you give it a random look but when you see it carefully it is clear that it is not like that,rather the girl is resting on the ground and it is the angle from which the picture is taken that makes us feel that the girl is at top of the world.

What the hell is this..The fire is from…. You all better know.LOL

Burma Rock Illusion. This Is True!!!!!!!!!!

The smallest mobile you had ever seen.Just kidding actually it is placed at a distance and the photograph is taken from a closer view of hand so thats why it looks so

In this optical illusion, most of the people see only some trees falling off but when we see this image with concentration and focus on the central portion we can see a human face in it

So what do you see on first instance? Nothing abnormal? Check again

This is the head of a person and that person has got such a hairstyle that it gives a very funny yet creative view.

A very funny illusion showing shadow of airforce plane when actually a civilian plane is flying.

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