Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World's First Airborne Car

The “Runflier” Stalker”, which is an advanced version of the earlier model Evolution, looks like a four-wheeled car with wings that can be folded along the body of the vehicle. The Runflier’s designer is a graduate of the Moscow Aviation Institute and a former aviation test pilot. His name is Alexander Begak, and he is also (among his many other hats) the chief designer of Skarabei Laboratory. He proudly claims that in the air the Stalker can travel up to 200 kilometers (about 124 miles) per hour.
The Runflier can take off from a limited runway and can cover the distance of one and a half thousand kilometers (932 miles) without refueling. The vehicle is made of super light coal plastics and Kevlar (a strong, light synthetic fiber) and weighs only 140 kg (about 300 pounds).
So the next time you look up in the sky and see something odd there, remember the words of that old television show:
“It’s a bird! It’s a Plane. No, it’s a car!”
Just don’t tell Superman. Even though he’s been dead for years, he just might not be able to take it.

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