Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hurricanes in modern times

You would have heard about hurricanes, which is nothing but the heavy wind strikes the land. Nowadays hurricanes are more frequent in the Atlantic region than at any time in the last 1,000 years, according to research just published in the journal Nature. When a hurricane strikes the land they will always leave some sediments and that was examined by the scientists that crossed the coast in North America and the Caribbean. After examining it the scientist said the record suggests modern hurricane activity is unusual - though it might have been even higher 1,000 years ago. It has been a controversial topic for several years. In Penn University, the Study leader Michael Mann believes that while not providing a definitive answer, this work does add a useful piece to the puzzle and he also suggested that various teams using different computer models have come up with different answers, it has been hotly debated. Michael Mann said "I would argue that this study presents some useful palaeoclimatic data points."

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